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Footsore Miniatures UK

Footsore Miniatures was established to provide high-quality metal miniatures for gamers and collectors alike. Its foundation is built on the old Musketeer Miniatures range of figures and continues to be principally sculpted by the same designer, Bill Thornhill.  Footsore Miniatures are now proud to be manufacturing in both the US and the UK providing our customers with a more efficient service.

In the US, Footsore Miniatures is owned by Bill Thornhill, who as well as designing the ranges, also runs the production and the show stands at all the main conventions. In the UK Footsore Miniatures is a trading name for War Banner Ltd.

Gangs of Rome

Written by chief writer Adam L. Dobbyns with Andy Hobday, based on a concept by Darren Evans, Gangs of Rome is an innovative skirmish game set in the bloody and violent streets of Rome.

As the ambitious head of a wealthy family, you have your eyes set on the Senate. Can you use your gang of street fighters to grab, grow and exercise your influence on the city and seize a place in the senate?

This is Gangs of Rome, an innovative 28mm Skirmish game for the sharp of mind and bold of action.

Welcome to Rome Dominus.

Sculpting, Painting & Gaming Blog

Painting, Sculpting and Gaming is a blog created by wargames enthusiasts for wargames enthusiasts. It is created with the express aim of sharing ideas, skills and tips, and helping the wargaming community at large.

Painting, Sculpting and Gaming is not a profit making exercise, and all revenue generated from any and all sponsorship will be used to cover the costs of bandwidth, hosting etc.


We also provide moulding and spin casting as a service. Please get in touch for details.

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